Forget the sci-fi approach, Little Joe is a motherhood tale

On the verge of unprecedented success, workaholic plant breeder Alice (Emily Beecham) spirals into paranoia once her anti-depressant plant starts to provoke sinister side effects. Little Joe slowly builds Alice’s own twisted version of Sophie’s Choice once the plant begins to threaten her relationship with teenage son Joe (Kit Connor). The film’s take on motherhoodContinue reading “Forget the sci-fi approach, Little Joe is a motherhood tale”


Original title: 1917 Director: Sam Mendes Release year: 2019 Original language: English Famously known through the soulful interpretation of Johnny Cash, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ is a gut-wrenching folk tale of homecoming. As effective as a throat punch, the song became a storytelling accessory when one wishes to express the deep layers of sorrow. Veerle Baetens beautifully brought it toContinue reading “1917”


The very sexist, very right-wing empire of Fox News is in the centre of Bombshell, a film that blends fact and fiction to tell the story of how chairman Roger Ailes was publicly ousted of his perennial throne (not before taking home the very comfortable sum of $40 million). The title Bombshell— a sharp wordplay, reflects onContinue reading “Bombshell”

(LFF 2019) Instinct

Original title: Instinct Director: Halina Reijn Release year: 2019 Original language: Dutch Instinct had its UK premiere at the London Film Festival 2019 In a post-Game of Thrones world, it is tempting to imagine what some of the prime actors of the multi-awarded HBO phenomenon will move onto. Newcomer director Halina Heijn handpicks Carice Van Houten as theContinue reading “(LFF 2019) Instinct”

The Souvenir

Original title: The Souvenir Director: Joanna Hogg Release year: 2019 Original language: English Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) is an aspiring filmmaker hungry for a deeper understanding of the world and its maladies. Fighting against telling her own story onscreen, she dives into the fictional tale of a working class boy obsessed with his mother, in a film thatContinue reading “The Souvenir”