Forget the sci-fi approach, Little Joe is a motherhood tale


On the verge of unprecedented success, workaholic plant breeder Alice (Emily Beecham) spirals into paranoia once her anti-depressant plant starts to provoke sinister side effects. Little Joe slowly builds Alice’s own twisted version of Sophie’s Choice once the plant begins to threaten her relationship with teenage son Joe (Kit Connor).

The film’s take on motherhood and procreation is its most interesting facet. By making her plant sterile, Alice appears to go against nature’s primal rule. “The ability to reproduce is what gives every living being meaning”, says one of her co-workers when questioning the reasoning behind the odd choice. Here, amidst talks of genetic engineering and state of the art science techniques, the discussion between two women veers into a sheer primitive topic, one that seems to incite instant controversy when debated by females, creatures socially designed for motherhood.